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Chances are, you learned of Leo Morocchioli from YouTube, as he has become a bit of a big deal there. He isn't just releasing covers though. He somehow manages to tour with his band and frequently release video's updating and giving tips to his metal head fans.

While many became fans after some of his more popular videos, like his cover of Adelle’s' "Hello" (watched more than 40 million times now), It wasn't just a run of good luck that gained his 4.67 MILLION subscribers. It was years of hard work, passion for music, and dedication. Leo doesn't just sing his songs, he recreates the metal version, plays every instrument, sings, and then produces the video; filming, editing and of course starring in it. That in itself sounds like a good amount of work, and somehow he manages to release a new song every Friday. To count, he's coming up on 500 songs on my Spotify playlist, which is a pretty good indicator that he's serious about what he's doing!

Leo plays guitar and leads vocals in a band called FrogLeap. He performs with bandmates: Rabea Massaad, Erik Torp, and Truls Haugen.
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Leo lives in Norway, but has fans of all ages (even toddlers) from around the globe. While he covers popular songs, turning them into legit heavy metal tunes, he definitely doesn't fit any stereotypes.  Leo's video's are usually lighthearted and humorous and he isn't afraid to dress up and poke fun.
While Leo will break out costumes, puppets and will make just about anything into a working instrument, there is also a serious side to his work.  He often captures breathtaking shots of the places he visits and has also taken on more serious subjects and paid respects to artists we've lost. 

Along with his cover songs, Leo also posts inspiring messages and tutorials for those interested in vlogging and playing music. His messages are always encouraging, reminding viewers that anyone can play.

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